MPC COVID-19 Update (Apr. 2021)

COVID-19 Attendance Guidelines (updated April 2021 and effective immediately)


Thank you for your responsiveness in completing the survey about Covid guidelines. 349 of you responded and along with hearing from our Covid Task Force, the survey results helped provide important data for our Session. For example, 83% of our respondents indicated that they either have been fully vaccinated (53%), have had 1 of their shots (16%), or are planning to be vaccinated as they are able (14%). After sitting with all of this input, Session discussed several options and have discerned the following decisions for this next phase of our reopening.

1 – We will be observing “restaurant rules” with social distancing for both worship services at 9 and 11, where masks are not required while seated. As our reopening continues to unfold over time, it is important to note that masks are always welcomed.

2 – We will be observing this same approach for all indoor gatherings at MPC. This includes small group gatherings, rehearsals, midsize events, etc. Based on their vaccination status and safety concerns, all groups are able to decide appropriate distancing for their gatherings, with particular sensitivity for any group members who feel that greater caution is needed.

3 – Children and students are no longer required to wear masks for outside gatherings, but will continue to wear masks for their indoor programming until vaccines are more readily available for their age groups. Parents can decide whether their children will wear masks while attending worship services in the Sanctuary.


The Daily Bread Food Pantry hours of operation are 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday.  Please bring donations to the Mandarin Road Campus; there are carts outside the office entrance Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm, for any CRM or Food Pantry donations. The Food Pantry can accept NO CLOTHING at this time.

Thank you for your continued generosity to MPC.  Anything mailed to the church address (11844 Mandarin Road, Jacksonville FL  32223) is received daily, as is anything dropped off in the Mandarin Road secure mailbox. See giving options HERE.