What is a Transitional Pastor? How is it different from an Interim Pastor?
These two terms are interchangeable. There has been a shift from the term “Interim” toward “Transitional” because it carries a more active intentional meaning. For some, the term “Interim Pastor” conveys a sense that the church is not in motion or active during the interim period. As a church, we don’t want to be stagnant or immobile as we wait for a new Senior Pastor. We trust that God will use this season to shape us and grow us and mature us. We are looking for a Transitional Pastor to help guide us and lead us in this transition. We will not just bide our time and wait for a new pastor. We will keep on following Jesus boldly and continue to move forward during this transition period.


What does a Transitional Pastor do?
Transitional Pastors have special training and skills to lead churches during periods of turnover. They work to address anxiety in the church, increase the health of the church, and prepare the ground for the new senior pastor to succeed.

Why do we need a Transitional Pastor when we have Associate Pastors?
MPC is blessed with an excellent team of Associate Pastors that contribute so much to the life of the church. We cherish their contributions through preaching and worship leading. We will definitely be relying on them to step up in many ways during this transitional process. We also recognize that they are currently engaged in a number of areas of ministry they oversee such as youth and children’s ministry, missions and pastoral care, small groups, discipleship, and reaching out to newcomers. We want to see all those areas of ministry at MPC thrive during this transitional period.

What is the process and timeline for the Transitional Pastor search?
The session has appointed the four elders who serve on the personnel team as the “Transitional Pastor nominating committee” (TPNC). These four elders are Craig Henderson, Maribeth Niager, Zan Frick, and Danielle Caplin. They are currently working with our denomination (ECO) to outline the process, develop a profile of the candidate we are looking for, connect with quality candidates, and discern whom God is calling to this role. We hope this Transitional Pastor could start either this summer or fall (2021). It is customary in ECO to offer one year contracts to Transitional Pastors, which can be extended as needed.

What is the process and timeline for the permanent Senior Pastor?
The session will recruit a team of MPC members to serve as a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) and present them to the congregation for approval. Once approved, they will begin the search process. There are a number of steps in this process that must take place before the opening can be posted. We hope that this search process can be expedited somewhat by the groundwork done a few years ago in our last Senior Pastor search.

When is Matt leaving?
Matt will continue to serve as Senior Pastor through May in order to help the transition.