What We Believe

What We Believe

What We Believe

What We Believe

Our core beliefs guide our every step and remain the heartbeat driving all we do.


Jesus First
We hunger to grow closer to Jesus and deeper in His Word.
Everything we do begins and ends with Jesus. We want him to permeate every facet of our community. At the heart of the Gospel is the grace, mercy, and forgiveness lavished on us by God in Him. The Bible is his Word that teaches us about himself, ourselves, and the world.

Every Generation
We disciple all generations to follow Jesus, recognizing that each is essential in the Body of Christ.
We believe that the richness of our community is enhanced when all generations – from the oldest to the youngest – are maturing in their walk with Jesus. We intentionally disciple and nurture every age and stage, fostering a multigenerational environment where maturing discipleship is encouraged and celebrated. Every generation is called to serve and sacrifice for the benefit of the other generations, creating a culture of mutual support and care.

Deep-Spirited Community
We cultivate authenticity, vulnerability, and joy in our fellowship.
We are a community where love and joy are contagious, bringing delight and encouragement to one another's lives. We strive to create an atmosphere of genuine care where individuals can be their true selves and experience the transformative power of Christ-centered relationships.

Courageous Faith
We take risks to serve the hurting and marginalized, living out the Gospel boldly wherever we are.
We trust Jesus to provide for bold visions, stepping out in faith to fulfill his purposes, even when the path seems uncertain or challenging. With unwavering confidence in God's provision and guidance, we boldly proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel in our words and actions.

Whole-Life Generosity
We seek to be generous in all things, just as God has been generous with us.
Recognizing that everything we have is a gift from God, we serve one another and our neighbors near and far through selfless giving. Our beliefs about generosity capture not only how we use our finances but also how we invest the time, talents, and experiences that God has entrusted to us to serve wherever He sends us.

MPC is a part of ECO - a Covenant Order of

Evangelical Christians.

One of ECO’s values is “A Livable Theology”. The strength of our faith is how we live out our Reformed beliefs in a relentlessly contextual way.

Demonstrated by:

  • Our zealous view that the sovereignty of God drives our ability to risk.
  • Our call to deeply influence culture with the Gospel, not just protect theology.
  • Our passion that renewed minds lead people to embody their faith in Jesus every day.

ECO is theologically governed by Essential Tenets and further guided by our Confessional Standards.