Volunteer In Our Community

Volunteer In Our Community

Volunteer In Our Community

Volunteer In Our Community

MPC Daily Bread Food Pantry

Volunteer position description: Assist on a quarterly basis with assembling, bagging and preparing food items.

Person to contact if interested: Wayne Gaff by email or call the MPC church office at 680.9944


Volunteer position description: YoungLives is a ministry associated with Young Life for vulnerable teen moms. Volunteers work with the moms or care for infants and toddlers of young mothers while they participate in YoungLives activities.

Time commitment: 3 hours a night, no more than two Monday nights a month

Training needed: Child care skills, must successfully complete YoungLife background check.

Spiritual gifts, passion that would best fit this position: love of little babies and their moms, serving, helping nurturing, caring.

Person to contact if interested: email Margaret Schrader.

MUGS Volunteer

Volunteer position description: Work with other Christians at MPC to help with minor (sometimes not so minor) household repairs for seniors, single moms as primary mission.

Time commitment: Almost all projects are done on Saturday mornings between 8:00 A.M. and noon.

Training needed: None. We are delighted when someone has repair skills but none are required. If you can carry lumber for example you are good to go. God has provided us with very skilled team members who can direct and teach those of us that are not as skilled.

Gifts and Abilities: Helping, Serving, giving, building, engineering, improving, landscaping, repairing

Person to contact if interested: Email Randy Hester.

Salvation Army Volunteer Server

Volunteer Position Description: Helping to serve dinner Sunday evenings at the downtown Salvation Army (address: 900 W. Adams St.) Volunteers prepare plates, serve the meals, and wash down tables afterward.

Time Commitment: 6-7pm Training Needed: none, willingness to serve Spiritual gifts, passion that would best fit this position: mercy, hospitality, faith, encouraging, cooking, serving

Person to contact if interested: Email Patty Heard.

World Relief Refugee Support

Volunteer Description: opportunities could include any of the following:

  • Buy groceries for refugee families
  • Provide welcome kits for new arrivals
  • Apartment set up for new arrivals
  • Airport pick up for new arrivals
  • Host a Vacation Bible School or Kids Fun Day at apartment complex
  • Prayer Walks in apartment complex
  • Collect donations
  • English Tutoring at Refugee’s home
  • Skills Training at Refugee’s home
  • Become a Cultural Companion [friendship/advice/practice English/adjustment to America]
  • Bible Studies at apartment complexes [Men’s/Women’s/Mom’s/Youth groups]
  • Apartment Outreaches [examples: April-Easter Egg Hunt for kids/August-School Supplies Give-a-way/November-Provide Thanksgiving Meal]

Time Commitment: Varies on the type of project. 1-2 hours or more. One time commitment or more regular volunteer opportunities.

Training needed: None

Spiritual gifts, passion that would best fit this position: Helping, Serving, building, hospitality, encouragement, teaching, giving.

Person to Contact: Email Silvia Almond.


    Let's Build It! Campaign
    Let's help one family's dream for a home become a reality!

    Our 'Let's Build It!' Campaign is back!


    Last year in 2019, MPC was able to completely fund and build a Habitat Home for Levon Wilkerson and her family. We had so much fun and were so blessed by this mission that we have decided to do it again!

    Here is a quick video to recap what we accomplished!

    Having worked closely over the last several months with HabiJax® to determine when and how a second home could be built, we are thrilled to announce that construction, with full safety and health protocols, will likely begin in March!

    We already have $61,000 of the $85,000 for this project so we are more than half way there!

    Please pray:

    • Pray for who the future homeowner will be.
    • Pray for how you or your family might be involved...and pray about what you or your family might be able to give financially.

    Let's help one family's dream for a home become a reality!

    If you would like to contribute to our 'Let's Build It!' HabiJax campaign, you can visit click the 'GIVE' link, select the 'MPC HabiJax Project' from the FUND drop-down menu and input a contribution. 

    If you have questions about how to get involved or want more information please contact the church by email or call the church office at 904-680-9944.