Overcome is a program of Anchor International, a Christ-centered organization helping people who are affected by mental health challenges find support and belonging within their local communities. 

Join us for Overcome, an 8-week series designed for anyone experiencing mental or emotional health challenges or supporting a loved one. 

Under the guidance of trained facilitators, group members meet in a small group setting that emphasizes safety and respect while building relationships and exploring Biblical truths about hope in the midst of suffering. 

For more information about this 8-week Christ-centered mental health support group, email Stephen and Jane Monks. 


“I thoroughly enjoyed being a participant in Overcome. It enabled me to acknowledge and put a voice to feelings, situations, and events in my life in a very safe and supportive environment. I walked away with a better understanding as well as tools to help me deal with mental health issues for myself and others. I also formed an incredible bond with my group and gained an awesome prayer support system.”

“The Overcome meetings helped me overcome the pain from my childhood that I could not seem to face. The conversations that I call 'real talk' made me realize that I am valued, needed, and loved. The small group provided a safe place to discover my worth. I loved the people who shared this space with me and the facilitator who was our guiding light. I shall never forget this awesome experience.”