Middle School Parent Resources

Middle School Parent Resources

Middle School Parent Resources

Middle School Parent Resources

The greatest changes in human development besides the ages of 0-2 happen between the ages of 11-14. We know this can make being the parent of an adolescent a challenge! And at the same time, parents still have the greatest influence in the life of their middle schoolers. It’s hard to keep up with how your student may be changing--much less how youth culture is changing.

Throughout middle school, high school, and beyond, there will be a lot thrown at your student as they get older, and we believe that a foundation in Christ will keep them anchored when the storms come. It is our mission to help students graduate with an enduring faith that is known and fully alive, and we want to partner with you to make that happen!

Our Middle School Ministry seeks to connect with students through Hang10 on Wednesday Nights, Dive In on Sunday Mornings, and through small group activities and conversations. Micah Griffin, our Middle School Director and your student’s small group leaders are always available to talk more about your student - we want to know how we can support you as a parent!

When students come to Hang Ten they will join a small group and those leaders send weekly emails about what’s happening. 

We invite you and your students to follow us on Instagram @mpc_hang10 .

Parent Guides:


Axis is an organization that provides gospel-centered resources for parents and culturally relevant material on all topics from social media to bullying to racism to tik tok and more. Their Culture Translator is a weekly email containing three pieces of information that’s happening in youth culture each week along with some FYIs for you as parents. You can subscribe here, if interested. 


Anxiety & Depression

Click here for a podcast on helping kids cope with anxiety.

Click here for a middle school specific conversation guide on anxiety.