Pastoral Transition

A Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) to search for a new Senior Pastor was appointed and approved by the congregation on Sunday June 6th, 2021.  Our PNC consist of: Elders: Tami Shepler, Danielle Caplin and Matt Balanky. Deacon: Brandon Perkins. At Large: Bob Gillander (chairman), Paul Niager and Melanie Ellis.

The position and our Church Information Form (CIF) are being posted on employment sites across the country, and we are receiving interest.  The CIF is available below.

MPC Church Information Form


April 2022 - update

Greetings from your PNC. We’d like to share an update on the search process. Over the past months we have identified and spoken with many wonderful candidates who have shown interest in our senior pastor position. As we reviewed each candidate, we prayerfully considered their qualifications and experience in light of the needs and mission of our church. We are grateful for the time and hearts that these pastors shared with us. Through this process, we have narrowed our list and are excited about the possibilities. As we all know by now, the search process takes time, and we are grateful for your patience and prayers. We firmly believe in and trust God’s plan for our church and the outcome of our search. Please continue to support our church and search in prayer. God knows MPC and our future far better than we do, and we are dependent on His guidance and timing. And most importantly, thanks to our staff and pastors for leading so well in this transitional season. Grace and peace, Your PNC


You can find the FAQ here.