'Follow Me' Study Guide


Dear church family, 

I am so excited you are joining us for the “Follow Me” study! 

A while back someone told me they grew up as a CEO Christian. I had never heard that term before and they explained it means “Christmas and Easter Only!” Maybe that describes a lot of your experience with church. While Christmas and Easter are really important holy days for the church, I began reflecting on what a CEO Christian misses out on the rest of the year. Every Christmas they hear the story of Christ’s birth. Every Easter they hear the story of Christ’s death and resurrection. What they miss is everything in the middle: the life of Christ! And that middle stuff is really good and really important. That’s why I’m so excited that you are with us for “the stuff in the middle.” 

From Christmas until Easter, the MPC family will study the book of Mark, tracing the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. What did he teach? What did he do? Why did he do it? What does it all mean? In particular, we will study what Jesus invites us to do: “follow him.” What does that mean exactly? What does it look like in today’s world? 

The studies in this book will correspond with the preaching at MPC on Sundays. We would love to have you join us in person or via the livestream (either on our website or via facebook) to hear the Sunday message. Then you can use this book as a study guide to reflect, dig deeper and to discuss with friends, family, or a small group bible study. If you would like information on joining a small group, please email Jessica Konker. She would love to help you connect! 

I pray this will be a season of deep spiritual growth for you as you seek to respond to your Lord’s invitation: “Follow me!” 

Matt Robbins 

Senior Pastor, Mandarin Presbyterian Church 

'Follow Me' Study Guide - (Click to view or download the guide.)